2019 GROC Retail Crime Training Conference
August 22, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cobb Galleria

Scheduled Speakers and Sessions
Schedule will be updated and details will be added over the coming months, check back often for updates.
  • Opening Ceremonies - Pledge of Allegiance - Tribute to Fallen Officers

  • 2019 GROC Retail Crime Training Conference First Pitch
    Special Guest To Be Announced
Morning General Session
Cobb County Public Safety Director Michael Register
  • Executive Leadership Panel
  • Scheduled To Participate
  • Vic Reynolds - GBI Director , Chief Janet Moon - Peachtree City Police, Mike Combs - Director of LP at The Home Depot
  • Dominic Stokes - Community Teen Coalition, Michael Register - Cobb County Director Of Public Safety
  • Moderator - John Melvin - Chief of Staff - GBI

Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon General Session
Michele Stuart Arizona Private Investigator, Internet Profiling and Intelligence Gathering Instructor

Michele Stuart
Owner - Jag Investigations

Do You Know What I Know About You?

A routine visit to the internet leaves traces that can be exploited to penetrate your privacy and compromise sensitive personal and business information. Understanding how technology gathers and disseminates online data empowers you to safeguard your personal information and to leverage Open Source Intelligence to identify and assess a threat climate, uncover hidden clues, and discover actionable intelligence. In this 2 hour session, you will learn what you disclose during an everyday trip into the data network and how to turn the tables to your advantage both personally and professionally.

About JAG Investigations, Inc.
JAG Investigations is owned and operated by Michèle Stuart, an Arizona licensed private investigator with over two decades of investigative experience. Michele has made it her business to be one of the leading investigators in the country and is known extensively throughout the investigative community for her ability to find hard to obtain information.

Ms. Stuart is also an experienced and highly sought-after instructor of advanced investigative techniques and intelligence gathering using Open Source Investigations (OSINT) and is an Adjunct Professor with University of Virginia and an Instructor at Quantico. She provides training classes and seminars to private investigators, state and federal law enforcement agencies, corporate security, military intelligence personnel and others.

Closing General Session

Dave Thompson, CFI
VP of Operations
Wicklander - Zulawski and Associates, Inc.

  • “So what had happened was…”

  • An all-too-familiar phrase heard by investigators usually resulting in conflicting stories or alibi’s.  The Cognitive Interview is a method which can be applied in suspect, complainant or witness interviews and supplies the attendee with a structured method to extract more information while identifying potential concerns within a story or alibi.  This interactive session will discuss biases, active listening and proper questioning techniques.

    - Understand the importance of specific question types including open ended, expansion and echo questions
  • - Incorporate segments of the cognitive interview in any number of investigations
  • - Awareness of biases, fact-feeding and the risks of obtaining false information
  • - Knowledge of “cognitive load” and its application in the interview process

  • About Wicklander - Zulawski and Associates, Inc.

    The premier training organization on non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques is excited to partner with GROC to further the knowledge and application of interview techniques as it relates to organized retail crime.  With training programs being delivered across the globe to private sector industries and public sector organizations, including state and federal agencies, the WZ Methodology has shown to have flexibility and application across multiple sectors, cultures and case types.  Dave Thompson, CFI will be discussing the Cognitive Interview approach as well as the application of non-confrontational interviews in a shoplifter conversation attempting to extract more information about their total involvement.  As a thought-leader in the industry, WZ is constantly evolving its methodology embracing academic research and practical application to assist investigators in obtaining the truth through a rapport-based, conversational approach.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

GROC and the ORC Blitz
GROC, City of Dunwoody Police Department and City of Douglasville Police Department

Recently GROC began a long-term and on-going partnership with the Dunwoody Police Department and Douglasville Police Department by holding its first ever ORC Blitz named 'Operation Spring Cleaning' in Dunwoody, followed by a second ORC Blitz in Douglasville. With approximately 18 retailers participating, the areas were saturated with law enforcement, both in uniform and plain clothes, as well as plenty of our valuable loss prevention professionals. We believe the intended message was heard loud and clear by our results : do not shoplift in Dunwoody or Douglasville! GROC looks forward continuing this partnership with the Dunwoody Police Department, the Douglasville Police Department as well as partnering with other law enforcement entities throughout the state to stem the tide of retail crime in Georgia.

This session will review the development, logistics and successes of conducting an ORC Shoplifting Blitz. If you are a Law Enforcement Agency interested in supporting a blitz in your jurisdiction - this is a session you won't want to miss!

Inside the ORC Interview
Dave Thompson, CFI
Wicklander - Zulawski and Associates, Inc.

Obtaining information from a shoplifter, especially immediately after an apprehension or arrest, may prove to be difficult.  In this session, Dave Thompson, CFI will discuss the core concepts of the WZ Non-Confrontational Method and how it applies to this field interview.  Aiming towards identifying information about resale of product, organizational charts, geographic coverage and known associates, this methodology will provide investigators with a structured approach to this conversation.  A combination of de-escalation, establishing credibility, showing understanding and appropriate question formulation will be the keys to success.

Synthetic Identities
Keith Speers
United States Postal Inspection Service

Inspector Speers will discuss the emerging threat of synthetic identity schemes. Speers will delve into criminal creation of the identities, monetization in the retail space, emerging trends, and methods of tracking fugitives that utilize synthetic identities to evade capture.