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What is Organized Retail Crime (ORC)?

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is an organized effort by two or more persons to convert illegally obtained merchandise or cash into financial gain through theft or fraud. This usually involves the theft of multiple quantities of similar products or thefts from multiple stores, multiple jurisdictions or multiple states.

A True Crime-Fighting Partnership

GROC is a statewide crime-fighting partnership. The GROC Alliance allows retailers and law enforcement agencies to communicate about criminal activity impacting business on a real-time basis, while preventing other partners from being victimized. The searchable website and its mapping capabilities are focused on providing a statewide real-time crime alert system. Through this collaborative partnership, law enforcement and the business community are able to identify offenders and resolve cases, all while developing new partnerships and innovative ways to combat ORC.

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Special Announcement Coming Soon!
The GRLPC and GROC will be making a special announcement in the next few days regarding the 2019 GROC Retail Crime Conference!
We will be sharing this year's event dates and venue, so check back often for updates.

Recent ORC Success!
Duluth, GA - Monthly GROC Intel Sharing Tip Leads To An Arrest! 

At the January GROC Intel Sharing Meeting, a Detective from a Metro Atlanta agency shared intelligence on a known criminal who has been frequently committing crimes at retailers in the area. Later that day, a large Retail Chains Asset Protection associate observed the subject enter their Duluth, GA location. The subject stole merchandise from the store and committed credit fraud. The subject was arrested in the parking lot as they were leaving. 

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February GROC Monthly Intel Meeting
Douglasville Police Department
2083 Fairburn Rd Douglasville, GA
Conference Center (located next to Police Department)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Special Agent Torrez from US Secret Service will be the special guest speaker!

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